eLearning Application & Registration Process

This program is only available to 麻豆原创 students or out-of-board students registering through an Ontario eLearning Consortium member board.

checklist with pen lying on topTo enroll in a eLearning course, students can do either of the following:

  1. 麻豆原创 students can select an eLearning course on the myBlueprint platform during course selection;
  2. All students can make an appointment with their Guidance Counsellor to register

In both scenarios, the following will be considered in finalizing a student’s timetable:

  • whether the course is offered (and space is available) at the student鈥檚 home school;
  • whether the course is a graduation requirement for the student; and/or,
  • special circumstances (e.g., illness, the degree to which traditional classroom environments present challenges)

Other considerations in registering for an eLearning class include:

  • the degree to which the student possesses the traits (or habits) of many successful e-learners;
  • the presence of timetable conflicts; and/or,
  • the student鈥檚 grade.

eLearning courses are predominantly geared towards students in grades 11 and 12, where there is more choice in electives. Students in grade 10 who demonstrate excellent Learning Skills as documented on their report cards, may also be considered candidates for eLearning courses. Currently, eLearning courses are not suggested for students in grade 9.