Summer assessments for secondary students who are new to Canada

Summer assessments for secondary students who are new to Canada

Newcomer Secondary Student Assessments

Assessments for secondary students who are new to Canada need to be completed before a student can register for high school. Appointments for assessments can be booked by calling the Board鈥檚 head office (ext. 12433) or by emailing Registrations for all secondary students will take place at local Catholic high schools starting Monday, August 19th. Complete the registration forms in advance of visiting the school and gather the necessary documentation indicated on the forms.听 The forms can be found on the Admissions and Registrations page under 鈥淪econdary Registration (9-12)鈥.听

Please note, St. Theresa of Lisieux is at capacity and is not taking registrations at this time; Our Lady Queen of the World is taking the overflow registrations from St. Theresa.听 St. Robert is a capped school, for which registration is contingent on the school enrolment capacity being reached.听 Please submit an online registration and you will be informed if the capacity limit has been exceeded.

What: Secondary School Assessments for Students who are New to Canada

When: beginning Aug. 1, 2024, by appointment only

Where: Catholic Education Centre, 320 Bloomington Road W., Aurora, ON, L4G 0M1

For more information regarding admission criteria and/or international students, please聽 call the Admissions Department at 905-713-1211 and press 鈥2鈥 or submit an email to听 To match a residential address to its local school, visit To book a secondary school assessment, call 905-713-1211 or 416-221-5050 ext. 12433 or e-mail